Belkhayate Timing is indicator of Moroccan trading system: how to work with this instrument correctly

Moroccan Indicator Belkhayate Timing is a unique oscillator in field of binary trading and Forex. In skilled hands of trader, BT can become a secret means for more 85% profit making from trade. This indicator deserve attention of traders, since it work well for all timeframes and in different markets. BT is not available in all trading terminals, but has already been added to technical indicators of IQ Option broker.

Oscillator ATR: secondary instrument for profitable trading

ATR (Average True Range) is an unusual oscillator, because it isn’t a trend as majority of indicators, but shows the market volatility. In 1978, ATR was formulated and described by the well-known trader Jay Wells Wilder. Oscillator success was confirmed by continued apply of instrument and a number of profitable forecasts. Now it is in standard indicator sets on all known broker platforms including the IQ Option.