The Center of Gravity (CoG) Indicator

The Center of Gravity (COG) indicator yet to become widely popular. It is a technical indicator developed by John Ehlers to show potential turning points in the price ASAP. Learn how to use it to identify strong conditions for trading.

Envelopes indicator: description, configuration and trading techniques with this instrument

Envelopes indicator is a multifunctional trading tool for determining current trends and turning points in the market. Due to the flexibility in the settings, this indicator works fine with all assets and on any timeframes. Envelopes indicator is able to easily integrate into various trading systems. Thanks to this feature, traders can apply this instrument both to work in low-volatile markets and when trading assets with high volatility.

Vortex indicator

Vortex indicator is an oscillator that confirms the current trend, its direction and strength. In addition, this tool shows the formation of new trends and the beginning of lateral movement.