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What can I buy for a cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is gradually coming out of the shadows. Blockchain coins grow into full-fledged exchange systems from a speculative instrument. More and more people around the world are using bitcoin and altcoins as a substitute for the traditional monetary system. Somewhere the process goes fast, somewhere slowly, but the general trend is traced everywhere. Spencer Bogart, Chris Burnisuke, Alex Sunnarborg and dozens of other top experts believe that in 20-30 years the cryptocurrency will completely replace the usual money from everyday use.

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How to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency: 5 actual ways in 2018

Bitcoin and alternative coins are now often discussed. Millions of people who did not use cryptocurrencies before, begin to invest money in their purchase. But many newcomers are stopped by the banal ignorance of how and where one can buy a cryptocurrency. In fact, investing in the “crypt” is much easier than it might seem at first glance. In this article we will talk about 5 topical ways to buy bitcoin and altcoins in 2018.

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How to keep your crypto coins safe

Cryptocurrency has no physical shell. In fact, data on the balance of users are stored in millions of chains of blocks. If a user has access to a crypto-currency purse, he can only add new entries to this chain by sending and taking coins from other users of the system. Accordingly, to get the opportunity to keep money in the “crypt”, you need a special purse. In this article we will talk about different types of wallets, their advantages and disadvantages.

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