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What can I buy for a cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is gradually coming out of the shadows. Blockchain coins grow into full-fledged exchange systems from a speculative instrument. More and more people around the world are using bitcoin and altcoins as a substitute for the traditional monetary system. Somewhere the process goes fast, somewhere slowly, but the general trend is traced everywhere. Spencer Bogart, Chris Burnisuke, Alex Sunnarborg and dozens of other top experts believe that in 20-30 years the cryptocurrency will completely replace the usual money from everyday use.

But what to do now, when every fifth inhabitant of the Earth knows about bitcoin, but only 10-15 million people use it (Cambridge University research data). It turns out that now almost all popular services and goods can be paid with cryptocurrency. You can buy a mobile phone, sneakers, a pack of coffee beans, a book and dozens of other things for bitcoin.

How to search for stores that accept cryptocurrency

It is a bad idea to look for accepting crypto-currencies, trading platforms manually. There are many such shops, but their number fades against the backdrop of a huge number of sites with traditional payment methods. In order not to spend hours monitoring the stores, use the convenient online aggregators. Such services will help in a few clicks to find the product you need, which can be paid for bitcoin or altkoin:

  1. Spendabit – popular search engine. It is looking for among more than 10,000 sites that accept cryptocurrency. At the base there are more than 3 million of products of different purpose: from clothing to musical instruments.
  2. Purse – Amazon does not accept Bitcoin, but accepts gift cards. Thanks to Purse, the owners of gift certificates pay for their goods, receiving Bitcoins from those who want to buy something in the Amazon;
  3. SpendBitcoins – interactive map on which are marked all stores where you can pay bitcoin. There are more than 100 000 trading floors in the database. The service operates on all continents;
  4. Openbazaar – full-fledged trading platform, through which you can buy and sell only for crypto-currencies. There is a mobile application and a subsidiary service Duosearch (analogue Spendabit);
  5. Coinmap – another card with marked institutions that can take bitcoin. SpendBitcoins is distinguished by a more extensive database.

Most popular stores that accept Bitcoin

There are a lot of shops that take bitcoin. It would take too much time to list all the sites, so keep a list of the most popular companies, whose products or services can be purchased for crypto-coins:

  • Overstock;
  • Shopify stores;
  • Expedia;
  • Dish;
  • eGifter;
  • Newegg;
  • Namecheap;
  • KFC Canada.

Contrary to popular belief, using bitcoin, you can buy not only basic items, such as a mobile phone, books or a pair of shoes. Crypto-currency accepts jewelry store Reeds Jewelers, aggregator of air tickets and hotels CheapAir. There is even a platform for buying / selling real estate exclusively for bitcoins – Bitcoin-realestate.

Example of buying goods for a cryptocurrency

Go to one of the units. For example – SpendaBit service. Enter the name of the desired object or service.

A list of offers will be opened from different sites. The list of goods can be sorted by different parameters: price, relevance, category, etc. Find the appropriate option and go to the store.

Make a purchase, as in a regular online store. After adding the goods to the basket, go to the payment stage.

Choose bitcoin in the list of available payment methods. The store also uses Litecoin as an example. Different sites can accept different coins, but Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are most common. If you need to urgently buy something for crypto currency, but you do not have accounts in popular crypto notes, it will be useful for you to find out how it is most profitable to exchange the crypto currency.

Here you can simply buy the most common goods, using an unusual method of payment. Even if you can’t find the right thing or service, you can always ask a specific vendor to accept payment in the “crypt”. This can work, for example, at the Ebay auction. If it is good to look, there will always be people ready to accept payment in a crypto currency.

Where to get the cryptocurrency to buy goods for it

At the moment, we figured out with the purchase of goods. It is not difficult. But where to get the crypto currency, so that you can buy something for it? This task seems complicated only at first glance, because you can use the broker IQ Option. The standard way of mining the crypt by mining is no longer uncontested. In addition, the cryptocurrency is becoming more difficult with time. Gone are the days when with the help of the “farm” it was possible to extract several bitcoins per day. Mining now brings profit on the verge of profitability, as the purchase and maintenance of video cards costs money, and the revenue from mining is reduced.

The easiest way to get a crypto currency is trading. Using the IQ Option platform for trading, you get an opportunity to almost instantly convert one cryptonym into another. There is access to the system of analytical indicators, the price in the form of a graph is displayed in real time. In this case, you do not need to verify the account, as on most crypto-exchange exchanges.

Advantageous investment in promising altcoyin can multiply the amount of investment by dozens of times. The screenshot shows the growth of Bitcoin Cash in the last 30 days. The difference between the beginning and the peak of the trend is more than 400 $.

Also in IQ Option there is an indispensable tool for every trader trading cryptocurrency – automatic sale or purchase of an asset after fixing a certain price. For example, if you bought a risky altcoin and want to protect yourself from monetary loss, set the sale when planting prices at 10-20%. This way you won’t lose a lot of money if the asset starts to merge.

A similar story is with the sale. If you do not want to miss the maximum price peak (because the cost of crypto currency can drastically change even overnight), put an automatic lot for purchase. The platform will purchase the specified number of coins as soon as the asset reaches a certain price.

With a competent approach, an investment of 1000$ can be quickly transformed into 10,000$. To learn how to do this with a minimum of risk, read the other materials of our blog.

NOTE: This article is not an investment advice. Any references to historical price movements or levels is informational and based on external analysis and we do not warranty that any such movements or levels are likely to reoccur in the future


The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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