How to deposit funds?

Watch the tutorial video to learn how to deposit funds to your account with IQ Option. Learn about the minimum and maximum amounts, currencies and conversion. There are several ways to deposit. The easiest way is to deposit funds from your bank account. Depending on the bank it can take from one to several days for the money to be deposited on your account. Learn where to find the option to deposit funds in your trade room or account at the IQ Option platform.  

How to customize IQ Option platform?

Learn how to personalize your trade room in the settings, how to change time zone, language, scale, charts. In this video you can learn how to use short cut keys to navigate better and how to control your privacy. The tutorial is useful for the beginners because it gives the short detailed overview of the settings in your account and explains how to customize your IQ Option platform.

How to read economic calendars?

We will discuss three types of economic calendars: FOREX, stocks and crypto currency in this video tutorial. You will learn how to read the calendars in the IQ Option terminal and where to look up the information for successful trading. You will learn where to find EPS, current and forecast, and how the economic calendars influence the financial market.

Envelopes indicator: description, configuration and trading techniques with this instrument

Envelopes indicator is a multifunctional trading tool for determining current trends and turning points in the market. Due to the flexibility in the settings, this indicator works fine with all assets and on any timeframes. Envelopes indicator is able to easily integrate into various trading systems. Thanks to this feature, traders can apply this instrument both to work in low-volatile markets and when trading assets with high volatility.

Forex Strategy with EMA and Momentum Indicators

The system of technical indicators EMA and Momentum is well proven in the trend trading on Forex. Instruments work well with any assets on timeframes of 30 minutes or more. This trading system is popular with traders with different levels of training, since there is no need for special knowledge. Traders will be able to trade profitably on the IQ Option platform due to simple requirements and reliable signals from the strategy.

Vortex indicator

Vortex indicator is an oscillator that confirms the current trend, its direction and strength. In addition, this tool shows the formation of new trends and the beginning of lateral movement.