Forex Strategy with EMA and Momentum Indicators

The system of technical indicators EMA and Momentum is well proven in the trend trading on Forex. Instruments work well with any assets on timeframes of 30 minutes or more. This trading system is popular with traders with different levels of training, since there is no need for special knowledge. Traders will be able to trade profitably on the IQ Option platform due to simple requirements and reliable signals from the strategy.

Vortex indicator

Vortex indicator is an oscillator that confirms the current trend, its direction and strength. In addition, this tool shows the formation of new trends and the beginning of lateral movement.

Trading strategy “ADX + EMA”

Trading strategy with oscillator ADX and trend indicator EMA is popular among traders in currency markets. It is suitable even for novice to trade. The logic of the ADX + EMA strategy is to trade when the price rolls back from the main trend.

FX-options is a new round of binary options development

What is attractive about FX-options and why you should definitely try it out? We will tell you about the new approach to trading with IQ Option in this article. In FX-options are collected, the benefits of trading conventional options and Forex. Tempting? Read this article to add a new effective trading tool to the trade arsenal.

How to sell options before the expiration time

We will talk about the completion of transactions before the expiration time and the benefits of using this opportunity in this video tutorial. And also we will teach how to use the function of early closing of trading positions on the platform. You will get useful knowledge of working with IQ Option.

How to use multicharts for trading

We will talk about the benefits of using multicharts at the same time in this video tutorial. You will quickly master a professional approach to analysing the market during trading and you will be able to increase the level of competence in technical analysis thanks to an example of using multicharts in IQ Option.

Types of charts. How do they work?

We will list all types that are available on the IQ Option platform in this video. We will tell about each type of graphs and the principles of their work. You will learn to understand the charts and select the type convenient for your trading style after watching this tutorial.

What are FX Options?

You will learn about the foreign exchange options (FX option) in this short video tutorial. We will tell about the main interface elements while trading with the instrument. You will learn how to competently trade with FX options with this information.