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Belkhayate Timing is indicator of Moroccan trading system: how to work with this instrument correctly

In 1999, after winning a tournament in trading, a well-known speculator of Moroccan origin Mustafa Belkhayat presented world with a new instrument is a channel indicator MBFX. Graphic elements of instrument were applied directly to price chart, like the indicators Bollinger Bands and Alligator.

Over time, a channel indicator was not enough to get more accurate signals to open positions. Thus, author completed MBFX in universal indicator system with oscillator Belkayate (BT). This oscillator serves as an indicator of market centre of gravity. Externally, instrument completely repeats a candlestick chart, but in a separate limited area of trade terminal.

Today the MBFX system and Belkhayate Timing separately deserve attention of traders, since this instruments work well for all timeframes and in different markets. BT is not available in all trading terminals, but has already been added to technical indicators of IQ Option broker.

Belkhayate Timeline: description of indicator settings

To start and configure BT, user of IQ Option platform must perform these actions:

  • click on call button of technical toolbar;
  • select Belkhayate Timing from list.

After starting the BT: broker suggests changing or confirming the instrument settings. First tab of indicator parameters window contains its main variables:

  • period MA is a time interval, which will be taken into account the indicator – 34 candles;
  • range 1 is first line of the extreme zone – 4;
  • range 2 is second line of the extreme zone – 8.

In second tab of Belkhayate Timing parameters, visual properties variables of instrument are represented:

  • colours and line sizes;
  • options to enable/disable an each item visibility.

Users with small experienced are advised to leave a default oscillator settings and test a Belkhayate Timing work on broker’s demo-account.

How to apply Belkhayate Timing indicator

BT repeats candle chart, but is placed separately from a price in broker’s trade room. Instrument scale, within which candles appear, is divided into three fields: black, red and green.

  1. Red area and green field BT are zones of extreme price deviation from accepted center of gravity.

When indicator candles move in a red or green field, trader should interpret this as confirmation of signal to enter market. More precisely, trader needs to open a long position when indicator is in green area, and short, when instrument candles move in red field.

  1. Black area around a zero line is an area of moderate price movement.

When a price moves in black area, it is better that user to refrain from trading, because a market is now uncertain.

Belkhayate Timing oscillator in its pure form does not give accurate signals, since it is intended for filtering false impulses. In order for user to obtain more truthful information to transactions, BT signals must be combined with trend indicator pulses (for example, Parabolic SAR, MA, Bollinger Bands, Alligator, etc.).


Moroccan Indicator Belkhayate Timing is a unique oscillator in field of binary trading and Forex. In addition, in skilled hands of trader, BT can become a secret means for more 85% profit making from trade.

However, if user is not familiar with this oscillator, trade with it will resemble a divination on cards. Therefore, before using Belkhayate Timing in real trading, trader needs to test oscillator on broker’s demo-account with all available timeframes and different trend indicators. Thanks to these actions, user will significantly reduce risk of losing a deposit and add to arsenal of another useful technical instrument for analysis of market.

NOTE: This article is not an investment advice. Any references to historical price movements or levels is informational and based on external analysis and we do not warranty that any such movements or levels are likely to reoccur in the future


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